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Academies are being designed to educate the people which include the sports, environment, health, education, architecture, culture, etc. Ekana Sportz City aims to promote and maintain standards in this field. All the academies will be equipped with world class facilities.

Sports School

The sports academies is an initiative to promote international excellence in cricketing and education. As a part of Ekana Sportz City, this development will allow players and coaches to be a part of an environment that is exclusively focussed on progress and achievements.

The sports academies will be the training for beginners and professionals under cricketing legends like Sachin Tendulkar and veteran cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. The academy will provide quality cricket training, world-class cricketing infrastructure, and opportunity to learn from experts in the field of cricket.

  • Specialize Sports Training : Ekana is an ideal place for specialize sports training
  • Specialize Sports Camps : Ekana is an ideal place for specialize sports camps
  • Training to Trainees/Coaches : Ekana is an ideal place for training to trainees/coaches

Educational Academies

An integrated academies for complete computerization of Educational Institutes. All the academies will get the wide range starting from Kindergarten to 12th class of detailed and summarized information of administrative and academic nature, in different forms required at different level of the organizational hierarchy and for other interested parties like Students, Parents and other Organizations.

Rehabilitation center

A rehabilitation center will offer one or more of these therapies on premises. A rehabilitation center may be outpatient only. Some hospitals offer in-patient rehabilitation. To find a rehabilitation center in your area, visit Search by hospital name, Zip code, or city and state. You'll find Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation listed under General Medicine in the Type of Service menu.

Sports Hostels (Boys & Girls)

To cater for an all-round development of trainee students, two fully furnished hostels facilities, one for girls and boys, are being available. The hostels will cater for all the needs of trainees with the aim that the trainees can focus and concentrate exclusively on their chosen sports fields and under the supervision of dedicated team of coaches. Players hostels will have the under mentioned accommodations:

  • Boys Hostel – 175 beds
  • Girls Hostel – 75 beds
Girls Hostel

Administrative Building (Staff Accommodations)

A consistent use of materials has lent the Ekana administrative building a uniform appearance. The largest volume contains two two-bay strips of offices flanking a linear atrium. This unheated zone, containing the vertical access routes, reduces energy consumption while providing weather protection. With its three vertical access cores and atria, the northern building is more introverted and complex. Precast-concrete edge strips to the floors accentuate the horizontal lines of the buildings, while also masking sunscreen elements. The aspect of sustainability is reflected in the finishings, which are oriented to the minergy standard, and in a maximum use of local wood.

  • Staff Accommodations – 40 Flats
  • Administrative Block - 1
Staff Accommodations