Concerts & Musical Nights

Concerts & Musical Nights

A renowned performing space at Ekana Sportz City provides a professional approach. The ensemble cast of technicians, staff members and technical experts can be utilised periodically throughout the year for enhancing the experience of performing arts for the artists as well as the audience.

The technology of sounds that highlight a breath and mastery of lights that focus every corner makes Ekana the cherished venue for concerts and theatrical events.

It is fast becoming an incubator for the up-and-comers of the city's alternative culture scene, having intimate concerts for the city. It's the venue which hosts a diverse array of local (and some international) music, which are incredibly popular with locals.

Our Facilities:

  • Open air and indoor options available
  • Guest-house accommodation for participants stay
  • Photography and videography
  • Event management
  • Personal attendant facilities for VIP and VVIP guests
  • Green room facilities
  • Musical instruments
  • Valet parking
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